2012 Got Ancestors?! Registrant Questions & Answers

Below are the questions submitted by registrants to this year’s Got Ancestors?! seminar.  We had many answers to these questions; too many to list all here in this article. Some answers are suggested places to look and others are very detailed. Take a look. You may find the answer to your questions! Click here for a complete list of GotAncestor?! Registrant Questions with Answers. Thanks to all who contributed the Questions and the Answers!

QUESTION: (Vickey Parker) To narrow the search of common last names, is there a trick one could use?

QUESTION: (Sue Irvine) Where would I find records (1745-1812) for a Quaker who married a non-Quaker in central New York? Assuming no birth records, where would the children be baptized?

QUESTION: (Sally Akehi) My great aunt, born 1894 in Iowa, raised in Allegan MI, also married there, but left her Husband & baby in 1915 and went…somewhere!! Chicago, we think. We know maiden name, 1st married name, but NOT 2nd married name!What resources do we have for IL with searchable field for maiden name?? How to break thru this brick wall??

QUESTION: (Mary Alt) Does the Allen County Library have confederate soldier records from the Civil War?

QUESTION: (Betty Snow) What are resources are there for researching people who came to the US via Canada?

QUESTION: (Patti Faist) My ancestor came from Norfolk, England about 1838 and settled near Cleveland. I have not found him on any passenger ship lists. Could he have come into Canada first? How common was this and what routes am I missing?

QUESTION: (Brenda Geselman) I would like to know more about how to research and find out how my ancestor came to America 2 years before Ellis Island. Where can I find his papers?

QUESTION: (George Bayard) What is the best way African Americans can trace the link back to Africa?

How can I change the official census records if I find a mistake?

QUESTION: (Kay Kiel) I can’t find parents in 1940 Census in Michigan. Why? Is there some place else to look?

QUESTION: (Dale Darling) Quebec census and vital records–1800 to 1860. Vermont town records.

QUESTION: (Claudette Darling) Some of my ancestors lived in Indiana during the 1870’s (between census years). How can I find them? Does Indiana have a State Census or are there county censuses for that time period?

QUESTION: (Denise Fedko) dhfed@yahoo.com What kind of documentation is available and how do I find it for ancestors living in New England in the 1700’s and early 1800’s?

QUESTION: (Judy Dood) How do I find out about a club in Grand Rapids called H.O.H. in the early to mid-1900s. It is not listed in the city directories, as they did not have their own building.

QUESTION: (Mary Bernthal) Following mid-19th to early 20th century immigration to the major port cities, many of ancestors made boat journeys via the Great Lakes to Michigan and the Ohio River to Ohio and Indiana. Are there any passenger manifests or other resources available for these passages?

QUESTION: (Erma Shaw) How to locate ancestors that seem to be missing off two years of census reports, but is included on years before and years after?

How to determine the maiden name of female family members i.e my great grandmother Caroline Medley in MS ?

How to determine the date of death?

QUESTION: (Ruth Waybrant) – I have 2 old bibles (1700s & 1800s) plus hundreds of letters from the 1800s & early 1900s. How can I find the best place to donate these materials where they will be preserved AND available for others to use easily?

QUESTION: (Patricia Hornbeck) Sources in England & Ireland to find people.

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